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metalhead problems!

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brutal cunts lurking

Those things that burden us metalheads every day or so
Run by nuclearpiss
Sep 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

liking anything but noise makes you a poser

Sep 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

Regarding the poser anon: here where I live if you like any "clasic" metal band you are considered a poser.

yeah same with here

Sep 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

I have listened to slayer and Metallica before but I prefer Scandinavian metal bands and others from around that area

european metal in general is wonderful

Sep 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

I absolutely hate those people who call those who don't listen to the old classic metal bands "poseurs". I don't listen to Slayer, Metallica or any other like that, does that make me a poseur? No. It doesn't. I have no one to impress or anywhere to fit in. I fucking love metal of all types, black, death, folk, melo-death and more and I would happily spend the rest of my life alone, listening to metal. Just because I don't listen to the old classic metal bands doesnt make me a poseur. Am I right?

You are right. We all have our preferences. Just tell the people to fuck off since it’s none of their business what you listen to because it doesn’t effect their lives in any way.

Sep 30 '14

yilishabai asked:

Where are you from? I haven't met many other female metal heads except my sisters aha

Australia ^-^

Sep 18 '14

sunday-storm asked:

A few months ago I left you a message saying I did not know if I should go to the Cannibal Corps concert. I got a lot of response on that and I just wanted to let you know that I bought a ticket and I;m going to see them next month and I'm really exited about that.

fuck yeah :D

Sep 17 '14

nyuraii asked:

I really admire the metalhead dress style, and I've always wanted to dress that way. I haven't though, because I'm worried about being called out and bullied more than usual. I want to express my musical tastes on the outside, but this irrational fear is getting to me. Should I change my innocent school girl outfit to undergo the metalhead look, or should I just keep with what I have to avoid being judged? (I love your blog btw!)

mix them together it would look hella cool

Sep 17 '14

if anyone ever insists to you that alternative culture is an adolescent phase, show them this:

41 (and a mother of 3)




40s (probably)

and many more. so tell them to shut their fuckin pie hole and stop being such a presumptuous twat.

Sep 17 '14

i just had a dream where i went to a fall out boy concert and they did a cover of hammer smashed face

Sep 15 '14
let it snow~
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let it snow~

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