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metalhead problems!

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brutal cunts lurking

Those things that burden us metalheads every day or so
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Sep 2 '14

pencil-wizard asked:

Can I just express how much I love your blog? Like damn, have my headbanging babies

Sep 2 '14

kroniar replied to your post: Read the comments on this video. they’…

She is clearly taking advantage of her physical attributes to get more views… I know some comments are lame, but she seems to kind of want that sort of attention and I bet she’s not as mad about that kind of stuff as you are. Keep calm, everyone.

unfollow me. now.

Sep 1 '14
Sep 1 '14

Read the comments on this video. they’re fucking disgusting.

Sep 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Why is Dave Mustaine a metal problem?

do you even know who he is. he’s probably the whiniest person in the history of everything.

Sep 1 '14

jellyskele reblogged your post This happened last night. i swear the … and added:

That is why you ask to go on their shoulders muahaha

hahaha i’m already 5’9 we would’ve started a riot

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Sep 1 '14
This happened last night. i swear the guy was like 6’6.

This happened last night. i swear the guy was like 6’6.

Aug 29 '14

if you want someone’s cover to be exactly the same as the original i suggest you shut the fuck up and only listen to the original

Aug 29 '14

A music lesson.

I often hear people saying pop music is about image. like just pop music. Here is my opinion of that.
Yes, pop artists (and many other hyped artists) have a lot of image qualities. More than most, such as revealing outfits, weird outfits, high heels, glitter…etc… Yeah ok. But it is still about the music, no matter what people say. Read carefully.

Picture of Lady Gaga

Picture of Natalia Kills

Picture of Katy Perry

Picture of Iggy Azalea

Picture of Ariana Grande — Billboard Magazine

Picture of Nicki Minaj

After looking at those, consider these

black metal:



Picture of Marilyn Manson


Picture of Omnia

but especially, glam:

the thing is music is not the only thing to music, no matter what genre it is. music is ALSO image. There is a link between them. Note how they are all dressed similar to the other band members, and to others of their genre. People need to KNOW what kind of music they make via their image. Themes, they sell, they get attention, more listeners! In which case with pop, a pretty face and a hot body make it well because many of their songs are about sex. Understand?
/end music lesson

Aug 28 '14
Anon submission

Anon submission