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metalhead problems!

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brutal cunts lurking

Those things that burden us metalheads every day or so
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Aug 22 '14
submission from metalheadfoo-ed

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Aug 21 '14

darkmistyday replied to your post: I’m the master of t shirt modification…

That’s awesome, you should do a tutorial! I can never get the proportions right.

i will when i get back from my trip next month :D

Aug 21 '14


Aug 21 '14

I’m the master of t shirt modification :D

Aug 18 '14

nihilitycreation replied to your post: anonymous said:Having really fat …

False. I have fat cheeks and look horrible with long hair

fat cheeks and long hair»»»»»>fat cheeks and a buzzcut

Aug 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

Having really fat cheeks making it so you can't grow long hair

people with fat cheeks look better with long hair

Aug 16 '14
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Aug 16 '14
as if you don’t want an amp like this

as if you don’t want an amp like this

Aug 16 '14

matthewmassacre99 reblogged your post photoshop isnt working submission from… and added:

Living in the south*

down under more like

Aug 15 '14
photoshop isnt working
submission from ardhagaru

photoshop isnt working

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